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117 North Hamilton Road
Whitehall, OH, 43213
United States





Hard Work.

Woodworking with domestic and exotic hardwoods is our passion. From joinery, to inlays, there isn't much that we can't do!

We will always go the extra mile to ensure that each project we create is the highest quality and will last a lifetime.  

From rustic, modern and midcentury styles, we have an eye for details that will ensure your finished piece is special! 





We also specialize in custom welding.  

We offer steel bases, legs, frames or custom metal work - if it can be welded, we will go under the mask to create a truly unique piece.




Custom designed furniture, countertops, islands, shelving and more. After consultation, each project is uniquely designed and created to fit your needs. 

We stand by our work and value cultivating relationships with our customers. When possible, we install each piece to help you complete your space.